Global challenges require innovative approaches.

Oshun is a new type of organisation built for an age of outcomes. We bring together policy makers, politicians, private sector leaders, civil society and those committed to a fair and equal world.

We tackle difficult problems across the breadth of development sectors, find solutions and generate a process to realise them.


Who we've worked with:



"Sarah brings institutional knowledge, organisational expertise and excellent networks to the work she devotes herself to"

Carol Bellamy - Former Executive Director, UNICEF & Former Board Chair, GPE

Who we've worked with:



Urban Vector Control
Oshun Partnership is working with Roll Back Malaria Partnership to understand the challenges posed by urban malaria and the steps which can be achieved in order to implement prevention methods.
One Health: Rabies
Oshun partnership is working with WHO and the University of Glasgow to identify opportunities to mobilise support for rabies elimination.
Water Unite
Oshun Partnership worked for the ONE foundation to help create Water Unite.
Financing Education
Oshun Partnership was key in organising the Global Partnership for Education Financing Conference,co-hosted by President Emmanuel Macron and President Macky Sall in Senegal. The event brought together over 1200 participants including 10 current and 3 former heads of state and more than 100 ministers, making this the highest-level education financing event of its kind.
91 Ministers, 160 Countries
Getting the message of the Global Goals to as many people as possible needs creative thinking on an epic scale. Oshun worked on the early concepts and political strategy for Project Everyone, the brainchild of SDG Advocate and Screen Writer, Richard Curtis, to ensure everyone learns about the Goals. Through the World’s Largest Lesson, we got 91 Ministers of Education to agree to teach a class on the Global Goals.
International negotiations
The international landscape around the Global Goals can appear complex and daunting. Oshun helps organisations to make new contacts and relationships around numerous global processes – including the annual UN General Assembly and Clinton Global Initiative meetings in New York, which are increasingly a focus for businesses to engage with their peers as well as high level political and civil society stakeholders.
Ending Water Poverty
It is estimated that around 660 million people still rely on unprotected sources like ponds, dams, wells and springs for drinking water. A far greater number, 2.4 billion people, do not have access to a toilet. Water-borne illness kills a million children under 5 each year. Water poverty undermines health, hinders economic development and pollutes the environment. Taking one cent per litre of bottled water sold globally and collecting it into a fund for water could potentially raise $3billion.
Immunisation as public good
Immunised children are more likely to attend school and live healthy productive lives. By reducing illness and long-term disability, vaccines generate savings for health systems and families. We worked with a global charity focused on child survival to develop an ambitious immunisation advocacy programme. Oshun helped to mobilise international institutional support, build strategic business partners.
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Who we've worked with:



Oshun is a consultancy firm of committed individuals with a wealth of experience in international development. We operate on an associate basis and are always looking for exciting new partnerships, to share and learn from each other, and create more effective development solutions.

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