• High level strategy
    We know that achieving the greatest possible impact for development requires more than financial resources.
  • Commonwealth Partners
    Building fairer, more sustainable, secure & prosperous societies
  • Amplifying voices
    Taking local priorities and inspiring global action
  • Global to local
    Ensuring high level negotiations, have local level impact

Eradicating poverty on a global scale requires collective action. Oshun brings together policy makers, politicians, private sector leaders, civil society and those committed to a fair and equal world.  We tackle difficult problems across the breadth of development sectors, find solutions and generate a process to realise them. Unique challenges of a global scale require innovative approaches; Oshun is a new type of organisation built for an age of outcomes.

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Trade as a Catalyst for Development: Global Forum for Inclusive Trade

GENEVA:  That trade should be the engine for economic growth, seems uncontentious. But how can trade be truly beneficial for all?  Last week saw the first Global Forum on Inclusive Trade for Least Developed Countries,  which sought to address this issue.  Representatives from over 40 countries met at the World Trade Organization’s headquarters in Geneva, drawn from Governments, businesses, NGOs, and researchers they
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