• Amplifying voices
    Taking local priorities and inspiring global action
  • High level strategy
    We know that achieving the greatest possible impact for development requires more than financial resources.
  • Global to local
    Ensuring high level negotiations, have local level impact

Eradicating poverty on a global scale requires collective action. Oshun brings together policy makers, politicians, private sector leaders, civil society and those committed to a fair and equal world.  We tackle difficult problems across the breadth of development sectors, find solutions and generate a process to realise them. Unique challenges of a global scale require innovative approaches; Oshun is a new type of organisation built for an age of outcomes.

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Global Partnership for Education Financing Conference: A Landmark Moment for Education Financing

The Global Partnership for Education (GPE) Financing Conference in Dakar, Senegal, co-hosted by President Emmanuel Macron and President Macky Sall on 2 February in Senegal, was a landmark moment for education financing. It was the first occasion that a global fund had held a replenishment in a developing country, and Senegal added to history by becoming the first recipient country to become a donor to the fund. The c
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