• High level strategy
    We know that achieving the greatest possible impact for development requires more than financial resources.
  • Commonwealth Partners
    Building fairer, more sustainable, secure & prosperous societies
  • Amplifying voices
    Taking local priorities and inspiring global action
  • Global to local
    Ensuring high level negotiations, have local level impact

Eradicating poverty on a global scale requires collective action. Oshun brings together policy makers, politicians, private sector leaders, civil society and those committed to a fair and equal world.  We tackle difficult problems across the breadth of development sectors, find solutions and generate a process to realise them. Unique challenges of a global scale require innovative approaches; Oshun is a new type of organisation built for an age of outcomes.

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Bill Gates at the Malaria Summit

World Malaria Day: Commonwealth leaders take action, will the world follow?

‘One of the worst things I’ve ever seen, years ago in Tanzania, was a child having seizures from cerebral malaria.  I didn’t know if he would survive.  I did know that, even if he did, his brain development would be impaired.’  Bill Gates (Co-founder, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) Last week 53 Commonwealth Leaders met in London with a wide-ranging agenda to discuss how the Commonwealth can contribute to a futu
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