The World’s Largest Lesson

On September 25th 2015, 193 world leaders commited to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 17 goals to achieve 3 extraordinary things in the next 15 years. End extreme poverty. Fight inequality and injustice. Fix climate change. In order for us to achieve the goals we need to first make them famous.

The Global Goals

The Global Goals

The World’s Largest Lesson is an ambitious new project that aims to share the new Global Goals with as many people as possible. Oshun is proud to have worked on the project from its conception.

Oshun Partnership and GoVivace were asked to create a strategy to launch the World’s Largest Lesson (WLL), a key strand of the project. WLL aims to share information about the Global Goals to children through their schools. The aim of the launch was not just to raise awareness about the WLL, but crucially to get Ministers of Education to sign up to participate in a lesson, and ensure all children in their countries are taught the lesson. The lesson itself will be scripted by world-renowned educationalist Sir Ken Robinson.


Eradicate extreme poverty by 2030

We launched WLL at the World Education Forum in South Korea, where over 140 countries were represented, and the new Global Goal for Education was negotiated. We collaborated with LEGO Education and together created a brilliant concept for ministers and heads of organisations to sign up to the World’s Largest Lesson: they placed a LEGO figure on a map of the world holding their country or organisation’s flag and a WLL book. It was a brilliant visual, but it was the outreach strategy underpinning the launch that led to 91 ministers and over 20 organisations signing up to participate. This involved working with the Executive Director of UNICEF, Tony Lake, Director General of UNESCO, Irina Bokova, Chair of the Global Partnership for Education, Julia Gillard, and UN Special Envoy for Education, Gordon Brown, to issue a joint letter from them to 193 UN Member States, inviting their participation in the WLL.

So, when they arrived at the World Education Forum, they were not surprised to see the World’s Largest Lesson team there to answer their questions. But the method of sign up was certainly original, and could not fail to bring a smile to many faces!

The World’s Largest Lesson website provides educators with everything they need to in order to teach their students about the global goals including lessons plans, comic books and a fun animated video…

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Date: June 30, 2015