Global Investment Fund for Water


Water is essential for life and all aspects of human development. Although it is a natural resource on which we all rely, water is rarely a ‘free’ or purely public good. It is now widely accepted that communities, businesses and organisations should have to pay in some way for water access or use.

Water is therefore investible, capable of delivering returns.

However poorer people often pay disproportionately high prices for water in absolute terms or as a proportion of income. Ensuring that new investments are structured to address the needs of all citizens, at an equitable price, is an important balance to be struck.

This paper set out to explore the potential for a new fund – based on income from the bottled water industry – to catalyse investments to end water poverty.

The concept of a Global Investment Fund for Water (GIFF Water) is to create a catalytic financing facility to improve water resource management and accelerate access to clean water and sanitation, supported by the global bottled water industry.

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Date: July 08, 2015